Listen: 'Love Letterz Pt.1’ By deedz

28 July 2017

Deedz has just dropped an EP titled ‘Love Letterz Pt. 1’.

The 3-track EP is heavily influenced by Baile Funk as well as South Asian, reggae and hip-hop. ‘Love Letterz’, the first track off the EP, sets the mood for the rest of the project with its bass-heavy, energetic globalised sounds.

The EP manages to transport you between countries and continents from the beaches of Rio to the deserts of Rajasthan with a track. It’s hard to amalgamate different genres so seamlessly into a project, but Deedz has found a great balance between each sound. Without depending too heavily on any one genre, he manages to give just enough time to each melody.

Part 1 of ‘Love Letterz’ can be heard below while part 2 is expected later on this year.

You can hear more of deedz’ work on SoundCloud or follow him on Facebook for up-to-date information on his work.



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