18 July 2017

Sidharth Ezhilan, who produces under the moniker EZZYLAND, recently released a 9-track LP that is one of the more fascinating and thought-provoking projects to come out this year.

With a restrained focus on trap and hip-hop (if you can call it that), the album is an experimental piece of work that seems to borrow from a variety of styles and genres.

It’s musical architecture at its best with tracks like “PARK IN THE HANDICAP SPOT” arresting your attention while giving you space for refuge within its anthemic sound.

For a listener, it’s hard to pick a favourite with each track seemingly distinctive yet flowing perfectly within the idiosyncratic theme the album represents.

“This project is the most brutally honest 30 minutes I’ve ever spent on the internet. It tells the story of a kid waking up in a completely desolate and unwelcoming environment and the soundtrack narrates his journey to inner peace through resilience and acceptance. All of the track names do have elaborate back-stories but as always, I leave it to my listeners to connect my music with their own experiences. Running through this album you might find sounds similar to Flying Lotus, Arca, OPN, Clams Casino and Kanye West. To me, there are no more genres. There is only pure expression." - EZZYLAND

An understated classic, EZZYLAND’s “DEPS x ANXIES” can be heard in full below.

For more EZZYLAND, check out his SoundCloud and follow him on Facebook for up-to-date information.




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