First Listen: 'After Hours' By Karun Ramani

13 July 2017

Karun Ramani is a Chennai-based multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer who has just released his debut EP 'After Hours'.

A 5-track project that is instantly distinctive from its very first seconds, it's reminiscent of some of our favourite hip-hop producers' early mixtapes. Doused in a rawness, often missing in the over-thought, well refined projects of today, it feels like any good beat tape - at times, even unpolished.

A few of the tracks tend to be monotonous and Ramani seems to complicate things rather than keep it simple. There is also a natural propensity to allow songs to run longer than they should.

Considering this is Ramani's first foray into electronic production though, it shows great promise.

"After Hours is my debut solo EP/Beat Tape featuring conversations between me and myself. Being primarily a guitarist, this is my first outlet to showcase my ideas on other instruments and also try my hand at beat-making and producing. Coming from a background of varied musical influences, I've always tried to take in aspects from different genres and create something new. Here's my take on a blend of hip-hop, soul, funk, electronica and jazz." - Karun Ramani

Follow Karun Ramani on SoundCloud and listen to 'After Hours' below.



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