Swet Shop Boys Release New EP ‘Sufi La’

26 May 2017

Hot off their debut album, 'Cashmere', the Swet Shop Boys are back with a new release.

‘Sufi La’ officially dropped on 22 April as a Record Store Day exclusive - released only on vinyl as a limited pressing. It now sees a digital release with the EP already charting around the world.

The 6-track EP picks up where ‘Cashmere’ left off: abrasive, politicised bars injected with a bit of humour; production that is at once dark, melodic and infectious - it’s another strong project from the trio. The group, who recently performed at Coachella, have had a busy few months with tour dates across Europe and North America also coming up this Summer. Heems also released a solo track called ‘My Ting’, which you can hear here.

Listen to singles ‘Thas My Girl’ and ‘Zombie’ below and grab Sufi La here.


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