Listen: ‘Azuma Kazuma’ By Sid Vashi

16 May 2017

Sid Vashi has just released his debut album ‘Azuma Kazuma’.

The 7-track LP is a distinctive project that marks Vashi as one of the more inventive and imaginative artists coming out of the country at the moment.

Although it opens with an underwhelming track, 'Paper Bones' the album incorporates wide-ranging influences with intriguing results, ‘Azuma Kazuma’ is bizarre and brilliant; a controlled mess of melodies, beats and samples.

With single ‘Wai Wai’ the poppiest and most cheerful tune on the release, the rest of it has a laid-back attitude to its approach keeping a certain level of intimacy with the listener.

The drums on ‘Ghosts Don’t Follow Me’ gives it charm as well as an edge; the accompanying sax is one of the prettiest interludes and solos we’ve heard this year. ‘Darling’ and ‘Hauz’ round out the album with a mellow, comforting feel giving the album the send-off it deserves.

Listen to ‘Azuma Kazuma’ below and follow Sid Vashi on SoundCloud and Facebook for up-to-date information.

Image Credit: Johnny Ganta


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