Sofar Sounds: Secret Gigs & Intimate Concerts

17 April 2017

Sofar Sounds is a global movement aiming to bring back the magic of listening to live music. The concept launched in London back in 2009, the community has now expanded to include over 300 cities with over 400 monthly events being held worldwide.

With Sofar Sounds, the line-up is not disclosed until each event starts, ensuring that while the location is announced, audiences aren’t coming to the events solely for headlining acts that need to be highlighted. It also encourages people to not turn up late, so there is equal respect for each performer.

In India, the Bangalore edition of Sofar has been going on the longest with it remaining strong for well over 18 months. The Delhi chapter was started seven months ago, their latest event taking place at the Nicobar offices last Sunday (16 April 2017).

Wild City went to the event and found it to be a quiet, serene atmosphere where everyone was engaged with the music throughout, the chatter that usually accompanies live acts was non-existent with the sole focus on the three performers: Chaos in the Capital, Aprilfoolchild and Tanya Nambiar.

With it being a monthly event, another one will creep up soon. Make sure you RSVP here to ensure that the event location is shared with you as spaces are always limited.

Follow the Delhi and NCR chapter of Sofar on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Image credit: Dhruv Kalra



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