Listen: ‘To Each Their Own’ By Worms’ Cottage

13 April 2017

‘To Each Their Own’ is another fantastic release from the Consolidate camp. The latest instalment from the collective is soaked in the minimalist production sensibilities that Worms’ Cottage has come to be known for but where ‘Tourguide Impostor’ and ‘Standing Feathers’ were unpolished, the latest EP fills in the gaps.

A four-track project, it finds the Bangalore-based artist exploring new sounds that are a bit more introspective, carefully crafted and tediously put together to create a lush sonic landscape.

“I’ve tried to make every track sound a little more organic than my earlier work, recording more live instruments and approaching the production differently than I used to. I want to slowly move away from the fully electronic sound I had explored in my earlier albums - not because I don’t enjoy that aesthetic, but for the sake of change. Each song signifies the important turning points of my life in the past three years. The album title, I think, is the lesson I learnt after reflecting on them. I always believed in the concept, but only recently understood its gravity.” - Worms' Cottage

Worms’ Cottage will be launching his EP with support from Disco Puppet and Blindnight at the Humming Tree on 14 April at the Consolidate FMLYxFRNDS event.

Listen below to 'To Each Their Own' - follow Consolidate on Facebook and Bandcamp. Listen to more Worms’ Cottage on Soundcloud.


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