First Listen: 'Soul Harvest' By Aerate Sound

8 March 2017

Aerate Sound have just released the first single ‘Soul Harvest’ from their highly anticipated album, ‘Only For External’ due out for release next week.

A Bangalore-based A/V duo, Aerate Sound comprise of producer Joe Panicker and visual artist Naquash. Known for merging sample-driven hip-hop and beat music, the production on 'Soul Harvest' is one of the crowning points of the album - one we've had a listen to already and it’s worth the wait.

An upbeat, energetic track,’Soul Harvest’ has a slow build that crescendos into poppy synths that fuse almost seamlessly with the vaguely familiar samples that are warped beyond recognition. Twisted, childish vocals float throughout the track filling in what seems to be the missing piece of the song’s puzzle.

"’Soul Harvest’ is a happy song for me. The sample I use is a bunch of kids celebrating after a win at the local cricket match. So it has a pace that’s very energetic and positive for me. Didn’t have to think much about it when I was making it." - Joe Panicker

Like everything else from the Consolidate camp, Aerate Sound are fresh, unique and don't seem to have a companion in the kind-of music they're making. Via Consolidate and Bandcamp, ‘Only For External’ is due out on 15 March.

Check out Consolidate’s website for other releases and follow them on Facebook along with Aerate Sound whose track ‘Soul Harvest’ you can listen to below.

Image credit: Aerate Sound


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