Listen: ‘Fiction’ By Abdullah Siddiqui

27 February 2017

Abdullah Siddiqui’s debut track for Forever South Music, 'Fiction', is an infectious, poppy tune that’s built on a fantastic layering of multiple instruments. The production from Siddiqui, who remains somewhat of a mystery, is tight, compact and full of subtle surprises that keeps you hooked throughout the 4-minute track.

Though it starts off quiet and slow, the track slowly builds to an apex where the subtle trumpet takes over. Along with snappy drums that remind me of R&B duo, Rhye, Siddiqui controls the song through a trumpet that may be heavily layered over but is crucial to the chorus’ upbeat energy. With a distinctive voice that floats above the beat, it’s the way Siddiqui brings in every instrument, allowing each to have its moment, that ensures multiple listens.

Siddiqui is a Lahore-based singer-songwriter, producer and composer. Working exclusively on an iPad, the multifaceted musician produces mainly experimental pop. He’s so far released only a handful of singles through various platforms, most notably Patari, but it’s his latest work, 'Fiction', which has us absorbed.

Forever South Music is a collective of Pakistani artists who have been consistently nurturing homegrown producers creating a platform that has become internationally renown. They recently released a compilation of local sounds ‘Collections Vol.4’ which you can read more about here.

Check out ‘Fiction’ by Siddiqui below. Follow him on Facebook and SoundCloud. To listen to more of his music, check out his page on Patari here.

Image credits: Abdulla Siddiqui


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