Music Basti's Annual ReSound Concert Will Take Place On 26 February This Year

3 February 2017

On 26 February 2017, the good folks at Music Basti will be hosting their annual ReSound concert. From 5pm onwards, 250 children will perform original songs about peace. Taking place in The Garden of Five Senses in Saidulajab, Saket in New Delhi, this event is sure to be inspiring.

Music Basti is an organisation that enables underprivileged children in Delhi to nurture confidence and skills through music to achieve their best. They run weekly music classes for underprivileged children and adolescents, partnering with existing community organisations or schools.

Always up to something interesting, Music Basti are constantly creating opportunities to share and demonstrate the great work they are doing by making their projects incredibly accessible. Through ReSound, children who come from disadvantaged backgrounds will be able to express themselves, experiment and interact with their environment. It represents an opportunity to help build their confidence and skills to thrive.

To learn more about the organisation, you can check out their website here. The concert will be taking place on 26 February and entry is free and open to all. Check out a video of their 2015 concert below.

Image Credit: Amirtharaj Stephen



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