New Music: BITMAP

4 November 2016

Harsh Karangale is the drummer for Sky Rabbit and Snowshoe, two acts that have always managed to grab our attention and hold it (when they do end up releasing new music, that is).

Karangale’s understanding of the drums manifests itself in BITMAP – a kind of industrial-electronic project, which takes elements of noise, drone (along with a smidge of more conventional DnB) that places rhythm and percussion at its core. He recently released a debut self-titled EP.

BITMAP is completely unlike the more pop-influenced melody heavy music of Sky Rabbit or the more soundscape-y aesthetics of Rahul Nadkarni’s Snowshoe. This is dense, complex and leans much further left with its frenetic beats and doomsday-disposition – good stuff, even if it is a tad more straight-edged than we expected.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on Karangale’s work, it’s brimming with potential. Listen to the whole thing below and follow BITMAP on Facebook and SoundCloud for updates.

Words: Diya Gupta




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