Listen: ‘The Unfinished Story Of The Unknown Band’ EP By Dreamhour

18 October 2016

Siliguri/Pune based duo Dreamhour have just released their new EP ‘The Unfinished Story Of The Unknown Band’ via New York Record Label New Retro Wave (NRW). Previously the solo project of founder, producer and singer/songwriter Debojyoti Sanyal, Dreamhour now also includes guitarist Gunzan Pradhan.

‘The Unfinished Story Of The Unknown Band’ EP is a nostalgia-laden, stylised ode to the 80s with its technicoloured synths and bionic vocal manipulations. NRW Records calls it “essential for retro-chillwave/ dreamwave lovers” – so think bright, vibrant melodies and heavy Daft Punk/Kavinsky/Moroder influences. The EP does manage to straddle the old and the new quite effectively - barring a few disruptions mostly in the vocal department, where some of the digitalisations just don’t work quite as well as others.

"The songs on this EP were written and recorded more than a year ago in multiple rooms/makeshift studios in Pune and my hometown of Siliguri. Eventually we had an album full of songs, but cut it down to the handful of tunes that made it to the final tracklist. Even though it was scheduled to be out almost 4-5 months ago, our decision to mix the whole EP again plush a deal from the NY based NRW Records pushed it back to October.” – Debojyoti Sanyal

Listen to the EP below and support the artists by buying the album here on Bandcamp. Follow Dreamhour on Facebook for updates and more music.

Art credit: Fab ciraolo




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