Australian Percussionist Ben Walsh Returns To India With Live Show ‘Remix Experiment’

30 September 2016

Celebrated Australian percussionist Ben Walsh is returning to India on 8 October at Bandstand, New Delhi to present his new solo project - ‘Remix Experiment’ before moving to Jodhpur to play at RIFF International Folk Festival.

Walsh has taken his high energy drum style all over the world and had collaborated with a number of artist across artistic disciplines, but is known best for founding live drum n’ bass act, The Bird.

For his newest solo project ‘Remix Experiment’ Walsh uses a combination of turntables and vocals manipulated by electronics to create a tailored-for-the-dancefloor, jazz infused, visceral experience - with percussion at its very heart. Because of it’s improvisational nature, no two performances of ‘Remix Experiment’ can ever be the same. The artist also uses video mixing to accompany his sound with an “abstract visual narrative”.

The show is presented by the Australian High Commission in collaboration with Wild City. Tarqeeb and Big City Harmonics will be supporting Ben Walsh, who will be performing in New Delhi on 8 October at Bandstand.

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