Sandunes Releases ‘Crystal Pink’ From Upcoming Album ‘Downstream’

19 September 2016

One of India’s most well respected independent producers Sanaya Ardeshir, known better as Sandunes, has just released the first single ‘Crystal Pink’ off her upcoming album ‘Downstream’.

Based on ‘Crystal Pink’ and the snippets we’ve heard so far, ‘Downstream’ seems to mark a significant evolution in Sandunes’ work. The production in this new single is more subtle than anything we’ve heard so far; melody wise, it’s a far cry from the pop injected beats and emphatic synths of ‘Slybounce’. This one’s quite a beauty overall, and probably some of the most refined and detail oriented work we’ve heard from Ardeshir yet.

“With ‘Downstream’, I was really going for process over product. It was an attempt to get more aligned with the joy of music-making as a process, and being vigilant against what can be overwhelming self doubt or judgement that I used to think of as an integral part of the creative process.

'Crystal Pink' was one of the first tunes where I tried to play all the roles, playing out all the parts including the drums - a first for me. A few lessons in groove from Aditya Ashok and Jivraj Singh were super helpful in an attempt to identify how to get better at 'thinking about the pocket'.” – Sandunes

Follow Sandunes on Facebook for updates and SoundCloud for more music. Listen to the new track below and watch a video of the producer acing ‘Crystal Pink’ live at Echo Mountain Recording Studios in Asheville, U.S.A. here. Sandunes has also revealed the back cover and track list for 'Downstream' which we've included below the track.




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