Listen: Tarun Balani Releases Title Track From his Upcoming Album ‘Dharma’

1 August 2016

Improvisational, experimental jazz composer, percussionist and music educator Tarun Balani has just released the title track off his upcoming album ‘Dharma’. This is his third full-length release so far, after his critically acclaimed debut ‘Sacred World’ in 2011 and 2014’s ‘Live at Teatro Bismantova, Italy’ with Italian trumpeter Tiziano Bianchi, who also features on ‘Dharma’.

The Berklee College of Music graduate recorded the album in New York, and has been influenced by a vast range of music. The title track is as evocative, nuanced and heartfelt as one would expect from Balani. As he mentions to friend and fellow musician/drummer Jivraj Singh on Red Bull India, the spirit of collaborative art plays a key role in his music.

Here’s what the musician had to say about it:

“Dharma is very special for me, it is my third album and a lot of time and effort has gone into it. Over the last couple of years I’ve been working on my skills as a composer and I was able to break through some of my compositional barriers and achieve a musical architecture that I had been hearing in my head. The album almost marked some important moments in my life, and tells this story which you will hear in the tracks on it. This album also features a brand new line up for The Collective comprising of Tiziano Bianchi, Joshua Crumbly, Sharik Hasan and Alex Pinto.

The title track sets the tone for the record however, there are a lot of surprises on this album and showcases a very different side of me as a composer and producer. The album was recorded at Big Orange Sheep Studios, in Brooklyn, New York. The album is set to release in October 2016.”

You can watch Tarun Balani and the collective perform ‘Dharma’ live below. Support the artist and buy the track for a modest sum here on OK Listen and on iTunes. Follow Tarun Balani on Facebook for updates and head over to his website for more information.

Image credit (thumbnail): Mohit Kapil


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