New Music: ‘A Pitch Dark Diorama’ (OST) By Ezzthetix

21 July 2016

‘A Pitch Dark Diorama’ is an independent film by Santhosh M P, shot entirely on 16mm. It’s got an interesting horror premise that follows an author named Indranil Deashi and the lives of the fictional characters in the slasher-thriller he’s penning. After the suspicious and untimely death of Deashi before he finishes the book, cut-rate thriller writer Rajiv Dey attempts its completion to relive his glory days.

It’s all quite gory and murky, and you can watch the trailer for ‘A Pitch Dark Diorama’ here on Vimeo.

But it isn’t the film we’re going to talk about here. The plot description at the beginning should give you an idea of the ideas behind its wonderful downtempo OST by Bangalore based Arjun Chandran a.k.a Ezzthetix.

Created with a home-made analog synthesizer, field recordings and heavily-prepared electric guitar, Chandran’s music inspires doom with its menacing and eerie take on ambience. Great, subtle stuff that left us goosebumped and completely disconcerted.

You can check more of Ezzthetix’s music on his SoundCloud and follow the producer on Facebook for updates. We also suggest you check out his 'Altha' compilation here. Listen to the OST for ‘A Pitch Dark Diorama’ below.



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