Subwoofer Bracelet ‘The Basslet’ Launches On Kickstarter

22 June 2016

Berlin based company Lofelt, founded ex-employees of Ableton and Native Instruments has just succeeded in funding Kickstarter campaign for a new wearable technology called ‘The Basslet’. Impressively, the campaign exceeded its 50000€ in just under 12 hours.

If you didn’t gather already from the name, The Basslet is a watch-sized wearable device that recreates the physical experience of being next to a subwoofer at a club or concert, in everyday home or on-the-go listening. A bit like the SubPac, but obviously much less cumbersome.

The ridiculously tiny LoSound engine aims to send frequencies as low as 10hz into your wrist, to create the illusion of physical bass felt normally only with large systems. The company is also pitching itself to DJs and producers who want to monitor their music and lower volumes, while still being able to effectively perceive bass.

It’ll be interesting to see if technology like this can actually create an immersive musical experience at home or on the go. Follow the Basslet on Facebook for updates. More information in the video below.



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