Watch: ‘Standing By’ By Zero Live At The GearHouse Sessions

24 May 2016

Of the many Indian rock outfits that have come and gone during the nineties and noughties, not many have left a mark quite like Mumbai based alternative four-piece Zero, whose music and occasional ‘reunion’ gigs continue to draw in their loyal fan following.

The band, which is composed of Rajeev Talwar, Bobby Talwar, Warren Mendonsa and Sidd Coutto, recently came together once more for a live performance at the GearHouse Sessions in Mumbai – a property produced by SOUND.COM’s Warren D’Souza.

Zero played ‘PSP 12’ (known better as ‘Standing By’) from their hugely popular 2002 album ‘Hook’, which you can listen to here on NH7. Despite having been almost a decade and a half since the release of the album, ‘PSP 12’ to this date manages to sound fresh.

Follow the GearHouse Sessions and Zero on Facebook for updates and watch them perform ‘PSP 12’ live below.


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