Listen: ‘Peeping Till It’s Noise’ EP by Your Chin

17 May 2016

Producer, vocalist, Sky Rabbit frontman and Mumbai native Raxit Tiwari has finally released the ‘Peeping Till It’s Noise’ EP – a follow up to one of our favourite 2014 releases ‘Scatter Nature’.

We’ve been hearing promising snippets of his new music in live shows for a long time now, so this is something we’ve been looking forward to. Raxit had also released a new video for EP opener ‘Fighting the Sumo’, which you can watch here.

‘Fighting The Sumo’ is stylistically more similar to Your Chin’s previous releases – catchy and easy to enjoy with its bouncy electro-pop sounds, which are tempered by trademarked deadpan vocal and lyrical backing. We thought we were in for another ‘Scatter Nature’ but ‘Hawk’ and ‘Shine’ onwards, it’s obvious that he’s trying hard to reflect a different, more serious side to the endearing, “quirky” personality he’s come to be associated with, though they just about miss the mark melodically. The final song in the EP ‘Skit’ is also our favourite. It successfully demonstrates where Tiwari’s greatest strength lies – in making remarkably uncluttered compositions that pack a punch without relying on formula or superfluous effects.

About the name: "All through last year, I felt as if everything that was looked into, turned to noise pretty quickly”.

Did we like it as much as ‘Scatter Nature’? Probably not if we’re being honest, but that comparison shouldn’t stop you from enjoying yourself – Your Chin will continue to make music unlike any of his peers and like it or not, you’d be hard pressed to find anything similar out there. Follow him on Facebook for tour dates and listen to his entire EP below. Support the artist by buying the EP on OK Listen.

Words: Diya Gupta
Image credit (main and thumb): Noor Sethi


Your Chin


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