Trackstack App Lets You Crate Dig On Your Phone

18 March 2016

New iOS app Trackstack claims to offer a “digital crate digging” experience for those who enjoy buying vinyl, but don’t have the option to do it irl (or just don’t like the concept of physical activity).

The general gist of the app is that it lets you listen to a track (filtered through your favourite retailers and their in-store collections) and you employ a “vertical swipe gesture” to scrap a record or save it. A bit like Tinder for vinyl junkies, as is being repeatedly mentioned online.

Trackstack’s got mixed reviews from online platforms but it might be useful for the handful of vinyl enthusiasts in India, considering actual crate digging can’t really exist here.

The app’s product description tells us that Trackstack's “unique design emulates a traditional crate digging motion using a vertical swipe gesture, making exploring and sorting through tracks quicker and more productive.”

Currently only set up with access to Beatport (more outlets are on the way), Trackstack will enable you to filter down selections from your favourite retailers to find the tracks you want with ease, leaving you to create your own collections and customised Stacks to help you build your next set, mix or broadcast.

It’s available on the iOS app store here for free.



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