New Delhi Gig Preview: New Order Feat. Begum, Indiegenous & Smooth Relax

19 February 2016

There’s a treat in store this Sunday for live music fans. Begum, Indiegenous and Smooth Relax will be performing at Def. Col. Social in the capital this Sunday, 21 February.

Begum is a three-piece band composed of Tushar Mohan, Karan Singh, Kartik Pillai who released one of our favourite albums of 2014 – ‘Bagh’. Their music is a take of experimental, psychedelic rock and pop, though you’re better off seeing them without genre in mind.

Delhi duo Indiegenous, which features Vedant Sharma on guitar and vocals and Ashim Bery on percussion with backing vocals will also be performing at New Order this Sunday. Their genre is primarily an acoustic setup with elements of folk and funk.

Also performing with Begum and Indiegenous is live electro-punk act Smooth Relax, featuring Anand Viankara and Tushar Nair.

Join us at Def. Col. Social this Sunday for New Order. Head over to the event page for more information and updates. Entry is free.




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