Eyemyth Visual Music Festival 2016 Announces Details

10 February 2016

Eyemyth is a unique festival of art, entertainment and media expression that looks at the “past, present and future of visual music”, and showcases a variety of thought provoking audio-visual content.

For the 2016 edition set to take place at various venues in Mumbai from 19 to 21 February, Eyemyth presents a special showcase of the Japan Media Arts Festival (JMAF).

Among the many exhibits and installations taking place is ‘Trick Or Treat Bhai-O-Scope’, a joint project by UnBox, BLOT! and Quicksand – a re-examination of an old fashioned bioscope. Talented new artist Spryk is also collaborating on a couple of projects with the bigfatminimalist including The Cymatic Tonescope - a tool for musicians to visualize the sounds they create with their instruments.

Artists from Japan are also presenting a number of incredible installations over three days including one on the wooden daxophone vs. a laser guitar, modular synth improvisation, the art and science behind videogames and much more. Frankly, there’s too much to summarise here and we suggest you check out the full schedule and details here on Eyemyth’s website.

The festival’s various shows and installations will be held at 4 venues in Mumbai. We suggest you check it out if you’re in the city. For more information and tickets, head over to the website.



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