Magnetic Fields Festival Announces Boat Party In Goa

7 December 2015

The restless anticipation for our favourite weekend of the year - now barely 10 days away - is increasing day by day.

The magic of Magnetic Fields is real and so is the withdrawal that follows immediately afterwards. It’s a kind of sinking sensation that creeps into your gut when you suddenly realise that you’ll be forced to resume regular existence after 3 days in what can only be described as a bubble outside of reality.

We know the feeling all too well, which is why we’ve decided to extend the revelry. We would like to bring everyone together again for one last evening of magic by hosting a boat party just off the sandy, sunlit shores of one of our favourite places – Goa.

Magnetic Fields would formally like to welcome you aboard the Caravela, for its maiden Magnetic voyage. We’ll set sail from Goa’s sandy, sunlit shores in the afternoon, dropping anchor at sundown for a night of music, feasting and laughter under diamond dotted skies.

The boat party will feature music from a number of selectors including Reso (UK), Palmistry (who will also be playing at the festival), Thee J Johanz (Netherlands) and some of our favourite homegrown DJs including KRUNK main-man EZ Riser, Eng., M.MAT and Wild City’s own Moniker.

We will also have a couple of very special guests, yet to be announced. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates.

Spaces for the boat party very, very limited and we expect tickets to go quick; click here to reserve yours now. Check out our Boat Party page for more.

We hope all you Bedouins have sorted out your travel and accommodation for the festival. You can have a look at all the available options on the Magnetic Fields website in case you haven’t.


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