Listen: Blushing Satellite Releases Debut EP

19 October 2015

Blushing Satellite is a newly formed Bangalore based band comprised of its founder - Los Angeles Music Academy (LAMA) guitarist Ramanan Chandramouli, along with ex-Bicycle days/Klypp vocalist Karthik Basker, Wesley Newton and Arjun Ramdas on drums.

The band has already performed their debut gig at Bangalore’s The Humming Tree, receiving support for their debut self titled EP from local musicians there.

Blushing Satellites languid, jazz and r n’ b influenced progressive/ambient rock had our ears prick up at the first listen. It’s got an easily palatable, classic feel to it without being overly-formulaic, and its interesting enough to have held our focus from start to finish. The EP does however, play it very safe, and there are certain moments where we felt that the band was holding back from giving us the highs we were looking for. Still, Blushing Satellite is full of potential and we’ve heard very positive things about their recent Bangalore show.

“We are trying to create a lush and ambient sound supported by intricate rhythm section grooves which are influenced by r n’ b, jazz and funk music. We don’t believe in righting short straightforward songs with a verse chorus format. We want to invite the listener on a journey where time and ego don't matter anymore.” – Blushing Sattelite

The band is working on a music video for Arul and will start recording a full length album by the end of the year. Blushing Sattelite is opening for Colour Compound in Bombay at Tody Mill Social this Wednesday on 21 October (details here). Buy the EP here on Bandcamp and follow Blushing Satellite on Facebook for updates.

See what you make of the ‘Blushing Satellite’ EP below:



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