Listen: Profound Releases Debut EP ‘Returning Rituals’

11 September 2015

Chandigarh based experimental producer Amandeep Singh Multani, a.k.a. Profound has just dropped one of the strongest hip-hop releases we’ve heard all year. The fresh, young KRUNK signee recently launched himself at Bunmanchi in GK2 with an audio-visual set performed in collaboration with Shaurya Vir Singh.

Profound’s cerebral EP is a collection of 5 electronic and hip-hop inflected songs that pack a punch despite their brevity (averaging at about 2 and a half minutes a song). ‘Returning Rituals’ set the standard high with its bold opener ‘Premonitions’, moving on to ‘Midnight Toys’ - a standout on the lo-fi EP with its wailing, FlyLo-esque female vocal samples and glistening keys.

‘Safe Passage’ reminded us a little bit of a release we loved last year (and still listen to) – the extremely elusive brnsctr’s ‘King Brain’ art-hop mixtape. This, however, was less abstract and more accessible, and with a little more body – i.e. simply a bit more crowd friendly. The EP has a healthy homegrown feel to it, particularly in ‘Safe Passage’ and the ominous ‘Strays Know’, without getting cheesy or fusion-y, a trap that so many of our producers tend to get caught in when attempting to channel their ‘Indianess’.

Let’s just hope Profound doesn’t succumb to the pressures of crowds and clubs, because this is a solid attempt for a first EP an we’re interested to see where Multani takes it from here. We’re waiting patiently now for ‘Returning Rituals’ to be available to download on Bandcamp and iTunes (which is apparently happening soon).

Listen to ‘Returning Rituals’ in its entirety below. Follow Profound on Facebook for further information and on SoundCloud for more music. Mumbai, Profound will be launching his EP tomorrow at Café Nemo alongside Aqua Dominatrix and Echofloat; details here.

Words: Diya Gupta




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