Ricky Vasan Bares It Down To The Songwriting On First Album 'Treading Water'

Ricky Vasan Bares It Down To The Songwriting On First Album 'Treading Water'

21 October 2021

Boston-based artist Ricky Vasan recently released his new album 'Treading Water', embracing the puristic sonics of an acoustic guitar and lyric-led singer-songwriter on the bare-it-all record.

Compared to the Dehradun-raised talent's previous efforts, notably with his 2020 EP 'Weekend Smile', the latest 8-track release sees him put more confidence in his words and melodies, as all superfluous arrangement elements or production-led trickery settle behind to give him his full space. Every once in a while a melodic percussion will supplement his guitar's plucks, a pad augment the ring of his strings or an electric guitar's hook fill the spaces in between to create a dynamic journey, while at the centre stage, Vasan's singing over acoustic guitar remains the defining constant.

The lyrics themselves mostly showcase a meandering nature, which for the length of the full LP risk losing interest, but otherwise assume a whimsical quality that pairs uniquely with the sombre introspective self-expression on the songs – save for the most focused and standout number on the album, 'For the Time Being'.

Listen to 'Treading Water' below and head to Ricky Vasan's Instagram for more information.



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