Listen & Download: ‘Spartacus’ by BLOT!

4 August 2015

Delhi based audio-visual regulars BLOT! have just released a single called ‘Spartacus’, available for free download here on SoundCloud.

BLOT! is an acronym for Basic Love of Things, and made up of Gaurav Malakar and Avinash Kumar. The duo released ‘Spartacus’ as a thank you to their fans and peers, also uploading individual stems and midis for those interested in playing around with the sound. The track itself features deep, reverberating basslines and cosmic synths, produced with a finesse that few other acts in India can boast of – not that we’re surprised.

BLOT!’s exceptional last release ‘Empire Waste’, created in collaboration with Lifafa, came out on Diynamic records. Hear it here.

Here’s what they had to say about ‘Spartacus’ on their SoundCloud:

“Thank you for all the support over the years, for coming out to our gigs and for being a part of our world, here's a free download for you fellas.

I’ve also uploaded individual stems and midi files in case you want to muck about, remix or just hate on it :)”

You can listen to ‘Spartacus’ below and download the single and remix pack here on SoundCloud. Follow BLOT! on Facebook and Twitter for updates.


BLOT! Lifafa


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