British Council & Wild City To Host 'Alternative India' Showcase In New Delhi

22 June 2015

We’re very pleased to announce that Wild City, in collaboration with the British Council, will be presenting a showcase of Indian electronic music in Delhi on July 4.

If you’ve been keeping up, you may have heard about the Alternative India UK Tour, which thanks to a partnership with the Southbank Centre's Alchemy Festival, gave us the opportunity to take 3 of India’s most promising, forward-thinking talents – trip-hop duo Sulk Station, alternative electronic producer and musician Curtain Blue and singer/songwriter/live electronica act Nicholson to London, Glasgow, Bristol and Brighton last month.

The response we received was overwhelming – so much so that we have collaborated with the British Council for a concert for our patrons back home. ‘Alternative India’ Delhi will feature performances by the same artists, letting all of us at the capital experience a bit of what happened at the tour. The showcase will take place in a brand new performance space launching very soon, with visuals from Vandana Menon – an artist who has worked with Sulk Station in Bangalore before, on numerous occasions. Since this will be a rare seated performance, the event will also give fans, music lovers and industry people in Delhi the chance to listen to the acts in a new environment.

Alternative India in an invite only event, and if you’re interested in attending, you can write to to get your name registered.

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