Watch: Begum Releases A New Video For ‘Make It Till Four’

5 June 2015

Delhi based nostalgia rock band Begum have just released a lo-fi new video for ‘Make it Till Four’ off their debut album ‘Bagh’.

The video has been shot using 8mm on an iPhone by Suryakant Sawhney a.k.a. Lifafa and Surabhi Tandon, who also directed and edited it. Featuring shots from San Francisco, Venice Beach and Goa, the nostalgic short film feels like its been pulled right out of the 70s, its grainy, lo-fi footage (a characteristic trait of a lot of their videos) complimenting Begums distinct sound beautifully.

Expect to see old-skool carnivals (a bit of a throwback to ‘Marry Me’), skateboarders, dancing beach hippies and much more.

You can watch the video for ‘Make It Till Four’ below and follow Begum on Facebook for updates. Listen to their excellent debut album (easily one of our favourites last year) in its entirety here.




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