Exclusive: Watch The New Lyrics Video For ‘Dollar Science’ By Pinknoise

3 June 2015

Wild City is proud to premier the vivid new video for ‘dollar $cience’ by institutional Kolkata based band PINKNOISE, off their album ‘Dance Of The Diaspora’.

The avant-garde, electronic fusion act is made up of drummer Jivraj Singh (Jiver), vocalist and writer Jayashree Singh and Amyt Datta, on guitar and synth. Last year, the band released their exceptional full-length album, their first in over two years, called ‘Dance of the Diaspora’, which also features the late Gyan Singh on bass. You can read our initial review here.

With its complex compositions, impeccable sound and incisive lyrics, ‘Dance of The Diaspora’ went beyond the formulaic, people pleasing structures we’re used to hearing and delivered a sound that was truly unique. Those of you present at the Magnetic Fields Festival in December last year will know just how good they sound live.

“The background to the video is that I had just seen Akihiko Taniguchi's video for Holly Herndon's track "Chorus" and was very inspired by that. My friend Opashona Ghosh (who was the art director on both Amyt's Ambiance de Danse release + the PINKNOISE album) and I agreed that we wanted to try to explore that vibe of the screen space vs. mind space vs. real space.

I think a lyrics video is the ideal form of music video for this album because the text of the songs is extremely important, much more so than an album where the words are just a medium for the vocalist. Jayashree's writing is full of codes, riddles and inside stories. I think this comes from her love of Donald Fagen's writing in Steely Dan, but also her natural ability to wield the pen.” – Jiver

‘dollar $cience’ has been directed by Topshe and sucks you into its digitised world – a computer screen that takes its voyeurs through spreadsheets and browsers navigated by a faceless pilot. It’s an unsettling, oddly detached watch that paints the ideas behind Jayashree’s perceptive lyrics to a tee. You can decide for yourselves and watch the whole thing below.

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