Listen: dimmSummer Presents Revolution Rising

20 April 2015

New York indie label High Chai Recordings is out with ‘Revolution Rising’ Vol 2 – a compilation album that features some of the most forward thinking electronic artists out of the Indian subcontinent.

Revolution Rising is curated by one of High Chai’s co-founders dimmSummer, volume 2 is a follow up to the first edition of Revolution Rising that was released back in 2009. The compilation features music by Dub Sharma, When Pandas Attack, Curtain Blue, Fuzzy Logic, Nanok, OX7GEN , Su Real, MC Eucalips, Ritviz, Pippin, SICKFLIP, Barasingha and Sulk Station.

With an expansive roster like that, it goes without saying that the compilation covers a vast number of genres under the electronic umbrella from trap and drum n’ bass to ambient and post-dubstep.

“Revolution Rising Vol. 2 reaches beyond the smatterings of tabla meets coffeehouse exotica compilations flooding the market today. Ever in sync with the evolution of musical tastes, High Chai remains committed to revitalizing and energizing fans through new and innovative music.” – High Chai Recording

You can listen to the compilation below and follow High Chai Recordings on Facebook for updates. ‘Revolution Rising’ is available to stream below:



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