New Club Night Echo Traces The Journey Of Sound System Culture In Delhi

6 April 2015

We're extremely happy to announce the launch of a very special collaboration with BASSFoundation Root's main man Delhi Sultanate and Alter State for ‘Echo’ – the only club night of its kind in Delhi dedicated to tracing the journey of sound system culture right from the early days of dub and roots to modern day dubstep (the good kind).

If you’re a fan of Delhi Sultanate’s (aka Taru Dalmia) BASSFoundationRoots nights, or Mala’s set at Magnetic fields last year, turn up - you won’t be disappointed. Think early dancehall and reggae roots tunes that hark back to the days of Tubby and ‘Scratch’ Perry to the cut-throat basslines and room shaking wubs of the golden days of pure, no nonsense dubstep. We’ve put a lot of love and attention into Echo – right from the bass heavy, custom sound system, carefully hand picked by our three initiators, to our old skool Jamaica inspired posters.

The flagship edition of Echo, which will take place at antiSOCIAL on 17 April, will see performances by Delhi Sultanate, Moniker and Alter State, a.k.a. Sanil Sudan. The three main selectors will play on rotation, and future editions will feature guest artists, both homegrown and international.

Prepare yourselves for the most intense sonic experience you’ve ever had in Delhi. Really. Keep an eye out on our Twitter and Facebook pages for updates. Details on the poster below.


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