Listen: Machli Releases Debut EP ‘Obtuse + Divine’

16 March 2015

This is an EP we’ve been anticipating for the better part of a year.

Four piece Bangalore outfit Machli has had us plugged into their odd tunes and playful compositions since early 2014, when we heard their scattered handful of singles online. The band has quite easily got one of the most unique, indescribably pretty sounds out there – combining electronic synths and beats with live instrumentation and evocative vocals.

Machli released their debut EP on Sunday 15 March. The 5 track release is intriguingly called ‘Obtuse + Divine’ and its dusky artwork can be credited to guitarist/backing vocalist Maitreya Mer.

EP opener ‘Lavender Marriage’ (a snippet of which we heard in the last Consolidate ‘FRNDS AND FMLY' mixtape) is the perfect introduction to Machli’s dreamy, delicate sounds balanced by Shoumik Biswas on snare. We loved the expressive beats and film samples in आदि मानव, though we’re not totally sold on the vocal manipulation in ‘Hi-Res’. Intricately composed ‘Hexagon’ and slow burner ‘Laze’ are excellent - both have absorbed us since first listen and really demonstrate the bands growth in the last year.

Machli sticks to the sounds and moods we already know and love and the EP has helped create a solid space and identity for the young band, as any good debut release should. Obtuse + Divine is really fresh, expressive, playful and carefully composed, playing smoothly from start to finish. We do have a feeling, however, that Machli chose to play it safe this time round (unsurprising - it is their first proper release, after all) - there’s a tangible feeling of restraint and we’ve got a gut feeling that there’s still a well of potential still untapped. We’ll just have to watch and wait.

We hope the coming year will see a lot more fearless music from Machli, as well (and we're crossing our fingers for this) as some live performances. The band is made up of vocalist Sandhya Visvanathan, Aniruddh Shivakumar Menon on production, percussion and keys, Maitreya Deepak Mer on guitar and backing vocals and Musharraf Shaikh on guitar, bass and backing vocals.

You can listen to Machli’s impressive debut EP ‘Obtuse + Divine’ below and follow the band on Facebook for updates and SoundCloud for a better taste of their music.

Words: Diya Gupta
Image credit: Maitreya Deepak Mer




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