Wind Horse Records Announces Details For Hamza's Vinyl Tour

10 March 2015

Delhi based Wind Horse Records has announced the first set of details of the Hamza Vinyl tour 2015, which kicked off on 6 March and will continue across multiple cities in India till 17 May.

In the last couple of years, Hamza has steadily gained a reputation as a pioneer of house music in India. He founded the Wind Horse back in 2009 and the record label’s repertoire has been steadily growing in the years since its inception. Hamza’s music features strong world influences and deep, classic house sounds that shine brightest on his expertly produced debut LP ‘Gitano’.

Joining the artist in this tour will be folk percussionists Rajasthan Folkstars and jazz vocalist Mr. Bista.

Right now Wind Horse Records have only released the first set of cities and events for the Hamza tour, but there are a lot more coming up. Follow the record label on Facebook to keep updated. Details announced for the tour so far are given below.



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