Vasundhara: New Environmental Arts Festival Announced

17 February 2015

Vasundhara is a brand new environmental arts festival, aiming to weave together environmental education and awareness with music, film and performance. Due to take place over the weekend of 5-8 March in North Goa, it aims to lay heavy focus on the state's ecological sustainability, hoping to ignite a global community to take action to protect and nurture the once pristine and naturally rich section of Indian coastline.

In participation with the Dunagiri Foundation and Wild and Scenic Environmental Film Festival, Vasundhara hopes to bring together artists, movers, shakers and thinkers from both India and around the world, with the aim to motivate a movement, which would benefit the region. An extremely diverse range of DJs and live acts as well as multiple film screenings, dance, theatre, visual art; and workshops by key experts in waste management, permaculture, organic gardens, natural building, eco tourism, renewable energy and sustainable fishing - are all a part of the extensive schedule.

It's promising to see such a festival pop up on the horizon. With festival tourism on the rise in Goa, no effort has up until now been made on the protection of the deteriorating coastline. Low-quality cheap plastics that flood the market are creating gigantic problems for the waste management systems in the region. Despite common knowledge, these non-recyclable plastics when mixed with recyclable plastics pose a problem of treating and washing, hence filling the landfills and putting pressure on scarce land resources.

As a commitment to their grass-roots effort to providing lasting solutions to the growing plastic waste issue in Goa, organisers are currently working with filtered water companies to provide water filling stations in Goa, expanding the amount of available water resources for the local population with less plastic waste. They've also promised to host several beach clean-up/recycling events in the months leading up to the festival.

To assist in promoting the cause, the festival will host a number of exciting acts that include the likes of Gaudi, Hang Massive, B.R.E.E.D, Sickflip, EZ Riser, Wazuli, Luke Brown and much more.

For more info keep your eyes peeled on their Facebook page here. To participate, donate or buy tickets you can head over to their website here.




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