Wild City Joins FireChat Community Dekho

6 February 2015

We’re extremely excited about this one.

Wild City are going to become part of the FireChat 'Dekho' community - we'll be sharing tips on the best events to go to, the music that we’re listening to and interacting with all our readers and followers on a more personal level.

Before we go on about how we’re going to use the mobile app, a little information about FireChat and its incredible uses are in order.

As anyone in the 21st century will know, the momentous force that us mortals call the “Internet” is an intrinsic part of daily life. The fact is that it has changed the way we learn, share and consume information, work and interact with one another – simply, it’s changed the way we exist more than any other man made innovation. And while we all know its benefits, there are a number of problems that are emerging as it ages. Ranging from the net neutrality debate (which John Oliver can explain better than us) to government surveillance – the Internet is beginning to see large problems emerge; it isn’t really ‘free’ as it’s often perceived.

The Internet and mobile connectivity is also not accessible everywhere – connectivity is often lost when a large number of people assemble at the same area – think of large concerts, festivals, cricket games and the like.

Enter mesh networking. You can read about the nuances behind its technology here, but to put it simply, mesh networking turns your mobile device into a mini cell phone tower and creates peer to peer connections - the exact technology that FireChat bases itself on. The app became most well known after the Hong Kong protests last year, when FireChat was used by demonstrators to find a way around connection issues. It’s also been used in a similar capacity in Mexico and Russia.

The chatrooms work on both online and offline modes, though ‘Dekho’ will require wifi or 3G. But in case of a large physical gathering of people in close proximity, like at a concert or festival, the offline mode will also work.

We’ll be posting regularly on the chatroom which is accessible through this link from any mobile device. We’ll be updating you on Dekho regularly and will keep you informed about the best music to listen to and the most exciting events to attend, we’re also excited about the prospect of engaging with people on a more personal level. This is also going to be incredibly helpful at large events and festivals, which, among other things, means we’ll be losing our friends less often. FireChat is available on android and iOS free of cost.

To join Dekho, download FireChat from getfirechat.com then follow this link from your mobile: http://firech.at/Dekho



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