Social Talks With Janice Pariat, Anandana Kapur and Parvati Sharma

28 January 2015

Hauz Khas antiSOCIAL opens its doors today to three illustrious members of India’s film and literary communities. Penguin and Random House India will give young creative minds the opportunity to interact with authors Janice Pariat and Parvati Sharma, and filmmaker Anandana Kapur.

Assam born Janice Pariat is best known for ‘Boats On Land: A Collection of Short Stories’ released though Random House India in 2012. In the book, Pariat’s re-envisions the transformations that took effect in Northeast India over a period of 300 years, starting I the 1850’s. Known for interspersing traditional folklore with the political and social events of the time to create a tone of magical realism, her work has received praise from critics worldwide.

Delhi based Parvati Sharma is the author of ‘The Dead Camel and Other Stories of Love’ (2010) and her more recent 2014 full length novel ‘Closer To Home’, which explores a deep friendship between two women. She also works as a travel writer, editor and occasional freelancer.

Award winning filmmaker Ananda Kapur’s gamut explored a series of forms under the cinematic umbrella from documentries and advocacy films to ads and television production. Known for her attention to detail and penchant for the interesting and oft overlooked, Kapur’s thoughts on her discipline will be an exciting listen for the plethora of budding creative filmmakers that exist in the capital.

The trio will be discussing their work, influences and aspirations in their respective creative spaces today, taking questions and generally talking to the audience. Social #Talks is free for all and begins at 8:30 today, upstairs at antiSOCIAL. You can have a look at their Facebook event to know more.



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