RBMA Returns to India With Iconic Electronic Music Figurehead Kode9

28 January 2015

After introducing the likes of Modeselektor, Benjamin Damage and Hudson Mohawke to audiences across India, Red Bull music Academy continues to make its presence felt with iconic producer and electronic music figurehead – Kode9.

Apart from his production as Kode9, Goodman is best known as the head honcho of record label Hyperdub, which he founded just over a decade ago. Today, Hyperdub’s roster includes some of the most recognisably talented underground artists in the world today such as Burial, The Bug, Ikonika, Jessy Lanza and late footwork pioneer DJ Rashad. It obviously goes without saying that Hyperdub has become a true force in the dance music community worldwide.

“It’s my first time in India so I'm excited to play here. I've worked with Red Bull Music Academy all over the world so I'm keen to see the level of interest in electronic music in India,” he said, gearing up for his Red Bull Music Academy sessions in New Delhi and Mumbai.

Goodman has also contributed as a full time lecturer in sonic culture at the University of East London, even publishing a book based on the politics of frequency, called ‘Sonic Warfare: Sound, Affect, and the Ecology of Fear’. It’s of little wonder why this tour will also be accompanied by a session in both New Delhi as well as a club night.

Kode9 will be joined in his visit to India with Academy affiliate and all round sonic savant, Nick Dwyer who will be moderating the info sessions. Dwyer has worked with RBMA for years and in 2014 created a hugely acclaimed documentary series that traced the history of video game music in Japanese Culture called ‘Diggin’ In The Carts’. Watch the trailer here. Dwyer who's got an extensive radio career spanning over two decades under his belt is also an artist in his own right and will be supportinfg Kode9 on all shows.

The Red Bull Music Academy will take place from October to November later this year in Paris, France. The travelling symposium of music and knowledge is open to any musically inclined creative mind over the age of 18 and if you think you fit the bill, we suggest you apply here before the deadline on 4 March 2015. Check out RBMA’s website for more information.

Kode9 will be speaking and performing in Delhi and Mumbai, dates and venues mentioned below. Follow him on Facebook for updates and SoundCloud for a taste of his music.


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