Watch: ‘Suburban King/Top Girl’ Feat. Donn Bhat

19 January 2015

Mumbai based production house has just released a fantastic new video in collaboration with multi genre musician Donn Bhat, called ‘Suburban King/Top Girl’. The short video features the track ‘Disco Disco’ off Bhat’s sophomore LP ‘Passenger Revelator’, which we’ve reviewed here.

We’re ashamed to say that at the onset of the video, which introduces our three protagonists – Vidyadhar Achrekar, Coach Sandeep and Prapti Nilesh Desai, we expected another cheesy, run of-the-mill video montage that tries to capture “real India”. Fortunately, we were proven wrong and pleasantly surprised with ‘Suburban King/Top Girl’, which (without revealing too much) depicts the fear, ambition, thirst for fame and physical trials behind one of the most ancient sports in the country through the eyes of three characters, all from Jogeshwari in Mumbai. ‘Disco Disco’ also fits in perfectly with its accessible, happy dance beats and uplifting tones.

Good things are happening in the world of music and film, and ‘Suburban King/Top Girl’ certainly kicked things off this year on a high note. We’re hoping that 2015 will see many more collaborations between filmmakers, artists and musicians.

Watch ‘Suburban King/Top Girl’, directed by Aakash Bhatia, below. Follow Donn Bhat on Facebook and SoundCloud for more music and check out’s website and Facebook page for more.

Suburban King/Top-Girl from story-tellers on Vimeo.

Words: Diya Gupta


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