Listen: Nicholson's 'Cold Water' EP

5 January 2015

Nicholson has had a stellar 2014. Appearing out of thin air, he has squeezed himself (rather swiftly it must be said) onto the play list of every music aficionado worth his or her salt. He has performed around the country with diligence and hard work, released an EP along with a couple of beautiful videos and has impressed at major festivals (my personal favourite was his set at Magnetic Fields but, then again, I might be biased). He ended the year with another treat for us in the form of his second EP ‘Cold Water’.

A short, three-track body of work, the EP contains remixes for ‘Cold Water’ and ‘For What’ (for which we can expect a second remix coming soon), as well as the single ‘With All’. Many of you may have already heard ‘For What II’, which was released in late 2014 accompanied by a beautiful video filmed by Sachin Pillai. Smooth and comforting the remix is a contemplative listen, more for the bedroom than the dance floor.
‘Cold Water II’ is a full-length track, a meaty two minutes longer than the teasing original.

While ‘Cold Water’ was a melancholic and melodious song, the remix is something else entirely. A little more playful on the percussions, a little more entrancing with the vocals, there is just the right amount of pace in the song. Nicholson is stamped all over the track, but there is an element of experimentation to the song that is quite exciting when we consider what is to come from this upcoming Mumbai based musician.

‘With All’ is the track that really gets you thinking. At first we thought it was a brand new single, which in a way it is. A clever repurposing of lyrics and vocals from the ‘For What’ series, but with a completely different synth arrangement, the two-minute track gives us a taste of the future.

Nicholson understands his strengths, his undeniable vocal talent and Rohan Ramanna’s sonic arrangements, and the two small EP's he released in 2014 are an example of that. He has morphed, played with and experimented on a particular sound, his particular sound. It seems he is trying out an assortment of avenues to decide on where to go next and, make no mistake; that is exciting. We are obvious fans of Nicholson’s work, and seeing his eagerness to play with his ‘established’ sound bodes well for the future and (hopefully) an album release.

You can listen to Nicholson’s ‘Cold Water’ EP below and follow him on Facebook for further updates.

Words: Aditya Keswani




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