Watch: The Supersonics Heads Up Launch + Interview

23 December 2014

If you live in Kolkata, it’s likely that you know of and the fantastic work they’ve been doing to promote the music scene in the city. They’ve just released a video of one of our favourite Indian rock n’ roll acts The Supersonics, at the ‘Heads Up’ LP launch which took place at Jamsteady-Princeton Club a few months ago.

The 17 minute long video featured the band performing from the new album for elated crowds in the city. The film is spliced with a light hearted but informative interview with the band as they talk about the local scene, money and music as a profession and “belfies” (apparently, a butt selfie as lead singer and composer Ananda Sen knowingly points out).

We’ve been excited about the band’s comeback this year for a while now, and this well shot video is a must watch for any fan of The Supersonics. You can watch the entire video below and follow The Supersonics on their website and Facebook. Smoke Inc. has also started a Facebook page called YOURLOCALSCENE where you can keep updated with the events and news of the city.

Words: Diya Gupta



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