Listen: Sandunes Remixes Nischay Parekh’s ‘Philosophize’

10 December 2014

Mumbai-based Sanaya Ardeshir, aka Sandunes, is at it again. This time with a synth-ilating remix of Nischay Parekh’s track ‘Philosophize’ from his album ‘Ocean’. With her increasingly impressive resume of collaborations and remixes with some of the country’s top vocalists, Sandunes has excelled this calendar year. And once again she hits the lofty standards she has set for herself.

Parekh’s original is just the kind of airy, harmonious and accessible soundtrack we have come to expect from him. The RBMA alumnus' vocals are light and breezy, making for perfect lazy-afternoon winter-sun relaxing. Sandunes' remix of ‘Philosophize’ alters the nature of the track, just enough, with her now instantly recognizable synth work taking it from a mellow, relaxed track to a more dance-floor friendly remix.

Clever use of loops and slight manipulations of Parekh’s voice make the remix of ‘Philosophize’ an enjoyable listen and worthy of a place in any of Sandunes future compilations. After the release of her ‘Slybounce’ EP, which included a great collaboration with Nicholson on its title track, her work with Wolves on 'The Memory Lamp' and the creation of her live ensemble at NH7 Weekender, Sandunes has really pushed herself into everyone’s playlists and lists of must-see live acts. If you aren’t already following her on Facebook and Soundcloud, now is the time to do so.

You can hear Nischay Parekh’s original here and check out Sandunes remix below. For more information on Parekh’s future releases and gigs you can follow him on Facebook here.

Words: Aditya Keswani


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