Watch: Prateek Kuhad's First Video 'Oh Love' From His Upcoming Album

9 December 2014

Singer/songwriter Prateek Kuhad has just released his first music video ‘Oh Love’ from his upcoming new album ‘In Tokens & Charms’. We’ve already written about our enthusiasm and anticipation for the comforting, melodious vocalist's album, which will be releasing in January 2015, before and this video teases as much as it pleases.

‘In Tokens & Charms’ is largely a collection of seemingly personal love songs and ‘Oh Love’ is in much the same vein. Kuhad’s warm and earnest style rather suit songs of the heartbreak variety but in ‘Oh Love’ we have a hopeful ballad, a sincere plea, for love. A pleasant, light-hearted track like this deserves a friendly and down to earth video to accompany it. And with this video we get just that.

Of the production Kuhad said, “I think music videos should complement songs, rather than enhance or take away from them. They should, in a sense, blend into the song, and that’s exactly what the video for ‘Oh Love’ does.”

The music video was produced by Jamun - a collective of New Delhi based filmmakers – with very limited resources and only one day to shoot. Beginning with a shot of Kuhad and drummer Nikhil Vasudevan sombrely sitting in the back of an old-school Dilli black and yellow cab, ‘Oh Love’ takes us down an ethereal forest trail. The camera tracks the two musicians through this dreamscape as they follow a woman lighting their way with a sparkler firecracker. Through a series of fairy lights and illuminated birdcages we go, eventually reaching a small clearing where Kuhad and Vasudevan are seen performing for their friends.

The last sentence is particularly pertinent. Kuhad has won over many fans with his vocal warmth. What ‘Oh Love’ does best is strip away all the pretension and capture what, besides the obvious musical talent, makes him popular- his likability.

You can check out the video below, and download it via Kuhad’s website here. For further details on his events and upcoming releases follow him on Facebook here.

Words: Aditya Keswani


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