Listen: MC Kaur’s ‘Hip Hop Bahu’

21 November 2014

We just love a good surprise.

A few days ago, Manmeet Kaur sent us a link to her debut LP. It’s called ‘Hip Hop Bahu’, and the album art featured the MC looking oh-so-Punjabi in a phulkari duputta and bindi. Of course, nothing represents the rebellious urban sensibility of hip-hop quite like a demure desi bahu who looks ready for her k-serial close-up (on the album cover, anyway), but we were still left pretty shell-shocked when we had a peek at her Bandcamp page.

For starters, the first single is called ‘Made Love to J Dilla That Night’ (you go girl), about her adoration for hip-hop and its pioneers. Title aside, the track itself is pretty damn good – the best feature being the MC herself. Every song (even if they don’t always hit the mark melodically) leaves us impressed, and frankly fascinated with Kaur’s powerful vocal delivery.

The album was created in collaboration with a number of fellow MCs and producers from Germany, Texas, LA, New Delhi and Covina. All her music is inspired by personal experience and we can relate to it, particularly in ‘Another Old Monk Day’. It’s worth a listen, really.

Follow MC Kaur on Facebook and buy her album ‘Hip-Hop Bahu’ here on Bandcamp. You can listen to the entire LP below and see what you make of it:

Words: Diya Gupta



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