Listen: When Pandas Attack Debut LP 'Things Pass By'

18 November 2014

Graphic designer by day and savage, bamboo munching bear by night, Ankur Chauhan has released his first full-length album as When Pandas Attack called ‘Things Pass By”.

The 10-track LP takes the downtempo electronic route that Delhi based bedroom producers seem to be so fond of nowadays. Apart from a few missteps (particularly an unexceptional and unnecessary rendition of Jon Hopkin’s ‘Abandon Window’), ‘Things Pass By’ is easy to listen to and flows organically from beginning to end.

Chauhan has been under the spotlight since he dropped his single ‘Good Night To Bite’ earlier this year, a sped up reinterpretation which has been included in the LP. With its heavy dose of natural sounds (think chirping birds and water noises) and dreamy vocals (particularly in Beside Me feat. Little Brontosaurus), ‘Things Pass By’ is the kind of album you’d play after a heavy night out, when the first hazy rays of the sun just seem to be filtering through murky city air. We called it “dawn music” back when Ankur compiled this mix for Wild City earlier this year, and we’re sticking to that assertion.

Chauhan plans to intensify his live performances in the future by including a looper, guitar and percussion instruments. You can listen to a mix of the entire album below and buy it here on Bandcamp. Follow When Pandas Attack on Facebook for updates.

Words: Diya Gupta


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