Jamblu Releases New EP - 'Bone Ringing'

13 October 2014

Kartik Pillai’s latest EP as Jamblu, ominously called ‘Bone Ringing’, is an indication that his dark, twisted mind doesn’t filter or process music in the same way the rest of us do.

The multi instrumentalist (also a member of Delhi based Peter Cat Recording Co. and dream pop band, Begum) was picked among the Indian artists to watch out for in 2014 by Border Movement, after releasing his brooding and immersive debut LP –‘Depth Training’.

‘Bone Ringing’ is an extension of its predecessor, not just in terms of structure but also in the unnerving, almost foreboding atmosphere it creates. Pillai’s brand of ‘post-dance’ would work wonderfully in a nightmarish underground club from an alternative dystopian reality and his viscous soundscapes will have you unwittingly drown in layers of jungle drum, embellished drone and abstractly layered melody.

It’s astounding to think that the same person has a hand in the nostalgic tones of Begum or the mad jazz inspired harmonies of PCRC, but there you go. A slight disclaimer - Jamblu’s latest offering (like his last) isn’t for everybody, particularly the easily bored – this is an EP that despite being only 3 tracks long, requires undivided focus and a willingness to submerge yourself in experimental, evocative electronica that isn’t always easily accessible.

We suggest you grab a pair of headphones and listen to ‘Bone Ringing’ below. Get the EP here on Bandcamp and follow Jamblu on Facebook for updates.

Words: Diya Gupta


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