Soulspace & Frame/Frame Release 'Night, Night' For Free Download

9 October 2014

It seems like forever since we reviewed the premastered tracks Vishnu PS released for the first time under the alias Soulspace back in May.

We loved his velvety production and organic sounds then and we love them now as the artist is (finally) releasing his official LP through Delhi based Wind Horse Records. You’ll still have to wait a bit for the full thing, but till then, Vishnu has benevolently released a collaborative single called ‘Night, Night’ created along with the always capable Frame/Frame. And it’s available as a free download here and below.

‘Night, night’, to put it plainly, is one of the prettiest sounds we’ve heard in a while. It takes its role as an 'album closer' seriously – the final product is a chiming, plinking electro lullaby punctured with the night noises of chirping crickets. The eye rubbing track features diffused, sleep induced vocals by Nikhil Kaul a.k.a. Frame/Frame.

The hypnotic, almost opiate melodic sound structures of course means that Nikhil had a larger role to play in ‘Night, night’ than simply contributing as a vocalist, with the organic, oddly celestial sensibilities coming from Soulspace.

You can listen to and download ‘Night, Night’ below, and keep an eye on Soulspace and Wind Horse Record’s respective facebook pages for updates about the album.

Image credit: Aleksey Litvishkov


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