First Look: Artwork For 'Trapistan'

8 October 2014

DJ/producer Su Real is set to release his debut album ‘Trapistan’, on 11 November 2014 and we're excited to reveal an exclusive sneak peek of the album artwork. The 11-track album, with two bonus tracks, is one of the first trap releases to come out of India and features artwork by Arjun Rajkishore. Since the release of ‘The Grind’, we have eagerly awaited Su Real’s full-length album. With an unbiased tendency towards all genres and a penchant for big big party beats we cannot wait to see what ‘Trapistan’ has in store.

After moving to New Delhi in 2008, Su Real quickly cut his teeth in the burgeoning underground scene in India. He rapidly gained notoriety for his new sounds and sonically diverse sets. Perhaps best known for his role as Creative Director at T.L.R, in Delhi, from 2009-2013 - he used his residency to experiment with new styles and techniques. He is currently the host of KRUNK’s new weekly pod cast KrunkCast, showcasing electronic music across the subcontinent - definitely worth a listen.

The album artwork for ‘Trapistan’ features the Latin phrase mors vincit omnia, “death conquers all” and runs below his very own coat of arms. Flanked by what can only be described as two robo-wolves, covering a mean looking python, the shield makes for a strong and entertaining piece of work. We're sure we'll be seeing a lot more of the Trapistan emblem - we're just waiting to hear how we can become citizens...

With an extensive resume of success and an affinity for striking music gold at the right time, Su Real’s latest endeavour ‘Trapistan’ is a long awaited release. The album will be available for free download via, SoundCloud and Bandcamp on 11 November. CDs and USB drives, with 2 bonus tracks, will be available only at live events, after signing up at

Keep your eyes peeled on Wild City for details about Su Real's upcoming tour dates.

Words: Aditya Keswani

Artwork Credit: Arjun Rajkishore
Thumbnail Credit: Sachin Soni


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