Jon Hopkins Reworks 'Immunity' For ‘Asleep Versions’ EP, Releases Trailer

26 September 2014

Jon Hopkins has announced a new EP titled ‘Asleep Versions’ slated to release this November. The EP will feature “decelerated, dreamlike re-imaginings” of four tracks from his legendary 2013 album ‘Immunity’.

Hopkins also released a meditative, haunting and semi-acoustic rework of ‘Form By Fireflight’ on BBC Radio 6 which you can listen to here at the 1 hour 41 minute mark. The new track features the dreamy vocals of Raphaelle Standell – best known for her work with electronic outfit Blue Hawaii and Montreal based art rock band BRAIDS.

‘Asleep Versions’ will release via Domino and was recorded at Sundlaugin Studios, near Reykjavik. The label explains that the EP represents “the quieter, more meditative side of the album.”

Hopkins has also put out a beautiful little trailer for the album, embedded below, that’s worth a watch. The trailer was created by graphic novelist and artist Robert Hunter and incorporates ethereal images from his comic ‘The New Ghost’.

It might be worth your time to follow Hopkins on Facebook for updates, considering the fact that the talented producer is visiting the subcontinent for the Bangalore edition of NH7 later this year.


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