True Brew Records Release Debut Single – ‘Foolin’

25 September 2014

Lahore based studio True Brew Records have released a debut track titled ‘Foolin’. The single is a collaboration between the studio’s producer/engineer Jamal Rahman on guitar and synths, Shehzad Noor on vocals, Sameer Ahmed on bass and Kami Paul on drums.

Better known for helping local artists produce and master their tracks, this is the True Brew crew’s first attempt at producing their own work. It is a solid debut, hitting notes that are comfortable and calming. A jazz inspired, alternative single, ‘Foolin’ features crisp and meticulous production and sofisticated mastering. Shehzad Noor’s vocal performance is amicable and holds the piece together, giving the rest of the crew breathing space and the ability to easily express themselves.

You can listen to ‘Foolin’ below and follow True Brew Records on Facebook for updates on their future projects.

Words: Aditya Keswani



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